High-speed internet.

High-speed internet.

For internet service providers, as well as
district and municipal authorities.

Joining the data highway


Many regions in Germany are not yet linked up to the national high-speed networks – the major telecom providers have little interest in rural areas outside of cities and towns.

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With our fiber-optic network, we create the underlying conditions for the latest generation of broadband connections to reach these regions and communities too: Rapid access to the internet is assured thanks to branch lines extending from our backbone to the nearest cable distribution box, covering a strip of around five kilometres to the right and left of the pipelines.

By "joining" our data highway in this way, local internet service providers, regional telecom providers, or utilities with their own fiber-optic networks can offer their private and commercial customers broadband connections – a key requirement for further developing cities and communities. We therefore play a major role in the broadband initiatives launched by the federal states and regularly attend the broadband conferences.

Many regions in Brandenburg, Lower Saxony, and Hesse are already enjoying access to our high-speed backbone - and the number of areas is steadily growing. To ensure comprehensive coverage for Germany, we are dependent on powerful fiber-optic networks – and will continue to be so in the future.


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We have been leasing the free transmission capacity of our fiber-optic cables – technically known as dark or unlit fiber – to our customers since 1996, including mobile telephony providers, cable network operators, computer centre operators, and other commercial customers.

We always keep an eye on our network: The Pipeline Dispatching Centre monitors not just the pipelines – staff in Kassel work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure that data as well as gas can continue to flow without interruption.

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