One of the most secure fiber-optic networks in Germany.

One of the most secure fiber-optic networks in Germany.

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Update 25.06.2021

In week 25, 2021, the fibre optic cable installations were also finished.

The construction of the 40 km fibre optic cable route is thus completed and will be available for use by our customers from 1 July 2021.

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On schedule, on March 8,…

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At the beginning of 2020, construction started on the upgrade of the WINGAS fibre optic network along the MIDAL natural gas pipeline route.


Over a length of 120 km, in addition to the existing one, an optical fibre cable with 144 fibres will be laid between the Eiterfeld (Reckrod) natural gas station and Hanau-Wolfgang, and a cable with 288 fibres will be laid between Hanau-Wolfgang and the end point (telecommunications container, TKC) of WINGAS in Kleinauheim.


The construction of a new…


Update! Construction started on March 8th as planned.


WINGAS has now initiated the detailed planning for the construction and approval of a planned fiber optic pipeline of around 40 kilometers in length. The company had previously completed a feasibility study with positive results. The connecting pipeline is intended to link WINGAS' existing fiber optic network along the OPAL natural gas pipeline with the fiber optic network close to Szczecin near the Polish border.

In addition to…


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