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In addition to marketing fiber-optic capacity, WINGAS is first and foremost one of the biggest natural gas suppliers in Germany. Ever since it was formed at the start of the 1990s by the BASF subsidiary Wintershall and Russia's Gazprom, WINGAS has initiated competition in the German natural gas market from the outset. Our customers are municipal utilities, regional gas suppliers, gas transmission companies, industrial firms, and power stations in Germany and across Europe.

WINGAS is also involved in the construction and operation of gas storage facilities, and in marketing storage capacity. With its natural gas storage facilities, the WINGAS Group is one of the largest operators in Europe – the natural gas storage facility in Rehden is the largest of its kind in Western Europe.

A strong partner

Our success can be summed up in four principles: Partnership, proactive attitude, competence, and flexibility. Our philosophy is based on these four attributes, which guide everything we do. We're here to find solutions to your problems, overcome your obstacles, and help you achieve your goals. In short, we're your strong partner.
More energy together. This is not just our Company’s guiding principle, it’s also a promise to our customers. WINGAS delivers much more than just a product – you get comprehensive personal support and concepts perfectly tailored to your needs.

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With nearly 20 years of experience in leasing fiber-optic capacity, we are your reliable and efficient partner in the process of building your individual data network.

Containers equipped with computer center infrastructure and – if requested – antennas directly connected to the fiber-optic backbone: Our space leasing options offer the optimum conditions for your projects.

The construction of large-scale pipelines by WINGAS started in 1991. It all began with the construction of the Saxony-Thuringia natural gas pipeline (Sachsen-Thüringen-Erdgas-AnbindungsLeitung, STEGAL).