One of the most secure fiber-optic networks in Germany.

One of the most secure fiber-optic networks in Germany.

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WINGAS plans further expansion of the fiber optic network between Poland and Germany

WINGAS has now initiated the detailed planning for the construction and approval of a planned fiber optic pipeline of around 40 kilometers in length. The company had previously completed a feasibility study with positive results. The connecting pipeline is intended to link WINGAS' existing fiber optic network along the OPAL natural gas pipeline with the fiber optic network close to Szczecin near the Polish border.

In addition to existing fiber optic connections to Polish fiber optic backbone networks, the new pipeline will create a further link to enable latency-optimized international data traffic. "The planned fiber optic line will be a useful addition to the existing Germany-wide WINGAS network and enable fast data traffic in an east-west direction - for example from international network points and data centers to Berlin and Hamburg," explained Thomas Böhlert, Head of Marketing Assets at WINGAS.

WINGAS also plans to build this connection road as part of the further strategic expansion of its fiber optic network. Depending on the results of the detailed implementation and approval planning and the course of the upcoming winter, completion and commissioning is scheduled for the second quarter of 2021.

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